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I have seen another similar umbrella for sale, is yours the original?
Yes, this product was designed in 2007 and we have a US patent pending.  Since its publication other companies have offered other versions, which are either more expensive versions (in Japan) that use materials that do not weather well in the rain. There are also cheaper Chinese knock-offs that use less durable umbrellas and do not have the detail that we offer.  Because of our US patent pending, these will not be allowed to be offered for sale in the United States.  If you see them for sale in the US, please contact us.

Who is Kikkerland?
Kikkerland is a manufacturer and retailer of hundreds of products that are sold world-wide (www.kikkerland.com). We licensed the production rights to the Samurai Umbrella to them so that they could use their vast manufacturing experience to assure a quality product at a fair price.  Their name along with “Materious” is on the umbrella tag on all our umbrellas, and on the newer production runs it is marked on the umbrella handles.

How can I make sure I am getting an original Samurai Umbrella and not a knock off?
Look for the name “Kikkerland” and “Materious” on the packaging and on handles of the most recently produced umbrellas.

Why am I sent to Amazon.com when I click to order an umbrella?
We are partnering with Amazon.com to handle the fulfillment of customer orders because of their great service and free or reduced shipping costs.

If you have other questions, please contact us.


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